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kinda weird. definitely distinct.


holla at ya girl

Performing and writing comedy is my jam. Jam that I want to spread on the rest of my life. I've been practicing the art of improv for 5 years and stand-up for a little over one year, but some folks would say I've always been funny. By some folks, I do mean my mother. If you'd like to include me in an upcoming project or create something together, I'd love to hear from you (and mention it to my mom). 

I understand how to put on a good show. I hold a BFA in Theatre Performance and am currently pursuing an MA in Television. My focus is on development/pre-production, and I plan to work as a big shot actor/producer hybrid. Until then, I remain open to opportunities for work experience, work* and collaboration. 

Anyway, thanks for visiting Kemah's Voice! I hope it didn't suck.

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